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Why „Feeling Pinky Keen“ is missunderstood

In my little Pony now and again episodes sporn great diskussions among the brony fandom. One of the biggest is the 15th episode of the first Seasonwith the title „feeling Pinky Keen“. But I, after watching it again and thinking about it found it to be hugely misunderstood which is why I do this post.

1. What is the episode about?
In this episode the ever so scientific Twilight Sparkle gets to know Pinkies „Pinky sense“, a kind of vague looking into the future done through reactions on her body. Twitchy tail mean something fall down, a twitchy nose mean bes are near and there are even combos that can foretell the weirdest occasions like rainbows or opening doors.
This sounds beyond reason, and that is exactly what Twilight thinks. She refuses to believe the pinky sense actually does exist and tries to scientifically find out what happens in reality. Is it just weird coincidences or what?
But no matter how hard she tries, she can’t find any explanation for this until, after a big adventure involving running from a wild hydra, she finally accepts that the pinky sense is real,even if she can’t find any explanation.

2. What is the discussion about?
The moral of it all is: Even if there is stuff in the world I can’t explain doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Sometimes you just have to choose to believe it is.
This was widely received as a religious statement, that you have to believe in god and wonders as an explantion for the unexplainable… Some loved it others hated it I say: that is bullshit! That is NOT the message of the show, Twilight NEVER says a god is doing this or anything other supernatural is involved. she just admits: it is real, and I can’t explain it

3. So what is my arguement?
What is displayed in this episode is rather positivsm.
So now most will probably wonder: What is positivsm?
Positivsm is a branch of scientific philosophy and is based on the believe that everything follows certain laws and those can be perceived through empirical evidence. So what is there is there, whether you cans explain it of not.
Famous example is gravity. Until this very day we ALL believe in gravity, but where does it come from? How does it work and why? We don’t know!
Still no one would say gravity does not exist. We can even calculate what it does, we can scientifically predict gravity but still we can’t answer those basic questions.
The same happens to Twilight. She does her scientific research, is most of the time the one receiving the consequences of the twitchy tails or what not and finally has to say: Yes I believe it“ she scientifically did an empirical research (given it was for about a day and not years, but we know other ponies started believing after some time and this is a 22min kids show so I OK this) and comes to this conclusion. Just like she has to believe in gravity she has to believe in the pinky sense.

4. Still I got critique
So what I am still missing is the question when to stop looking for an answer? Just think about all the want to be fortune tellers in our world, people who sell pyramids that „energize“ your water or other frauds. how long are you supposed to look before starting to believe? You can’t just accept everything coming your way as a given because often enough there actually is a real explanation for things that are seemingly supernatural.
But in the other hand Twilight is seen to put up a fight, she does not just accept it and probably when something like that happens again she will once more try to get to the bottom of it (I hope).