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How to make a good movie out of Equestrian Girls

Ok as most know I watched MLP and though I for my self don’t see me as a brony I also watched the Equestrian Girls Movie that came in early summer into American theatres. I watched it on youtube though.
And although the brony community is surprisingly happy with the movie and it is actually enjoyable if you can overlook some major plot holes I want to outline how this already quiet OK movie (because of good music, protagonists, fanservice and animation, and a few good plot elements) an actually good one:

The film begins with Twilight and her friends going to the crystal Empire to celebrate Twilights coronation again. Coincidentally that very day Sunset Shimmer returns through the mirror, planning to make up with Celestia, feeling a little remorse and maybe even homesick. But than she learns of Twilight existence, how Celestia simply replaced her. Twilight on the other hand learns about the portal and it 7 days (!) time frame which it is open, and it would take 30 moons (whatever that exactly means) until it opens again.
She pretends to be nice and forgiving first and learns about how Twilight and her friends regained the Elements of Harmony, that’s when she decides to steal the crown, as an act of revenge against Celestia and Twilight who stole her place as a pupil.
Twilight wakes up in the night, as Sunset Shimmer steals her crown, chasing her to the mirror Twilight fights her of, resulting in the crown falling through the mirror, which she, because of SS already knows is connected to another world. Sunset takes the first opportunity to follow the crown and Twilight,without much thought followed by Spike who came along, follows her, arriving infront of a school building.
It is early in the morning, school is just about to start, but Twilight naturally is very confused by her looks and everything. She finds out that Fluttershy found the crown, which looked exactly like the crown for fall formal, and gave it to the headmistress Celestia.
But of course Sunset Shimmer realizes and even expected Twilight to follow her. She challenges her, of course both could just try to steal the crown but that wouldn’t be as satisfying as defeating Twilight, showing her that she is a failure. So who ever gets to be fall formal princess will get the crown.
Sunset Shimmer is kind of the school Diva, popular an feared with her clique consisting of her as the leader, Trxie, as her best friend and Diamond Tiara and silver spoon, two freshmen who basically would do everything for them they are.
Twilight on the other hand for the moment only has Fluttershy, whom she helped out against Sunset Shimmer before. She learns that her other „friends“ are fighting, but manages to reconcile them and bonding them against the common enemy: Sunset Shimmer.
While Twilight is still busy managing to reconcile her friends Sunset Shimmer and Trixie already start running an anti-Twilight campaign including embarrassing photos made during Twilights first day at the school. Twilight and her friends try to save the day by digging up the old „Wondercolt“ uniforms to again unify the whole school, but Sunset Shimmer & Co try to undermine this new found unity by spreading rumours and secrets, basically telling the leaders of each group if they didn’t vote for them, everyone would get to know their secret (stuff like that the jock also likes dolls etc).
Soon the mane six realize the change of heart and fear in the other students, puzzled what to do next. Meanwhile Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon got an Idea they think will impress Sunset Shimmer, they trash the auditorium where everything is already decorated for the dance in a few days. They feign evidence to frame Twilight for it so that she would be taken of the competition but that is exactly not what Sunset Shimmer wants! Angry with the two, she is the one who saves Twilight, she wants to have this competition to crush Twilight and show, she is more worthy of the crown!
In the end the trashing of the auditorium was great for Twilight because while she and her friends tidy everything up, other students she this and join, because of some confessions triggered by the mane six the thread of secrets being revealed vanishes because the students realize friends will like you even if you have a hobby they might not share.
The last days Sunset Shimmer and her clique try to discredit Twilight any way possible (this could well be done in a song) but somehow it always turn all right for her.
Finally the night of Fall Formal arrives and Twilight wins by a landslide. While Trxie and the others are a bit annoyed they admit Twilight just deserved it, but Sunset shimmer is enraged by her defeat. She storms up and takes the crown for herself saying Twilight cheated and she should have been the princess! And even offences her friends saying it was all their fault she lost.
Than something no one had forseen happens, the crown reacts to Sunset Shimmer and transforms her. Consumed by her rage she enslaves the students planning a march to Equestria to take revenge on Celestia and become Princess instead.
But Twlight and the mane six together with Trixie, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who want their old Sunset Shimmer back, fight her by activating the magic of friendship. It is Trixie who manages to get through to her friend, saying how much she liked her even with her flaws and temper and that she didn’t need to be a princess or anything, just her self.
With the power of rage weakened because of her friends words, Twilight manages to regain the crown, Sunset Shimmer turns back to normal and the student are freed from the ban as well.
Since Sunset Shimmer now for the first time in her life really saw what friendship could do she feels redemption of her actions, and is grateful to Trixie as well as Twilight and the mane six. She admits her wrong doings and explains just how hurt she felt when she saw how she simply had been replaced. But she decides to stay in the human world, since here she found friends.
So after a nice Fall Formal dance Twilight can return home where her friends, who of course realized her absence by now and counted two and two together, await her anxiously.

The End.


What is it with Magical Girls

This will be a less „scientific“ approach and more of a personal thing so I won’t go into theories and what not.
It’s just that since I took a look into MLP (yeah I know its not magical girl genre, bear with me for a moment) and I realized there are a lot of feminist mothers who love to take any girl-oriented show and tell why it is an embaressment for any sophisticated woman and that girls will only learn how to be cute and obedient…
And thouh some aspects might be true I started thinking about it.

Now comes the personally part:
My neices (4 and 6 years old) are classical girls. They want everything in pink, love princesses, play with Barbies wear cute dresses,… and their favourite show is Winx Club.

For all who don’t know it a picture and you will I think understand the shows basics…


In the course of the Show (basically every season) the girls get new cute companions like Pixies, Pets or little mermaids. Also they get new transformations with new cute outfits.

And now I managed to draw the circle to the title: Magical girls!
Although Winx is an Italian Show and the concept came from Japan it is still very much comparable to older Magical girl Shows like Sailor Moon to which I will come later.
These shows are heavily criticised and I must say I wasn’t actually happy to hear my nieces loved Winx of all shows, the best. It is pink, they look way too thin, its all about looking cute and having make up…
Than I realised I loved Sailor Moon with 6 and it puzzeled me: Why did I like Sailor Moon?
And not only Sailor Moon, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Card Captor Sakura, when it first came out even Wedding peach!
Most readers might say „well its a show for girl, you were a girl… that’s what they like right?“
But those who know me know I NEVER was a typical girl. Till this day I hate pink, I never wanted to be a princess, in Kindergarten I played with the boys Power Rangers (though I always insisted on not being the pink ranger) for Karneval I dressed up a a Squa or Pirate…
So why did I become so interested in such a girl show, one that is so much criticised at that. My mother still tells me how she hated that show, because of the short skirts the needy attitude of the protagonist and the shrill voices. But still, although I was a tomboy, a girl any feminist mother could wish for, I fell for magical girls.

So after thinking about it and watching the whole Winx series, which I like to call the new Sailor Moon, I came to an answer:

They are not at all that anti feminist.
Yes you can criticise the dresses and length of skirts and personality aspects of characters and probably bring MANY points against Magical girl series.
But I claim there are many points that can be highlighted that show a good gender approach for small girls!
I liked Sailor Moon because she kicked ass! Yes she was a cry baby and a glutton and naive but that made her all the more appealing because it actually is a realistic character. Maybe not the type of character feminist mothers want to have their child to look up to, but still a realistic one. I would cry for help if I saw some monsters attack someone and than turning towards me! What’s so wrong about that?
Sailor Moon just like Winx and many other magical girl series give normal girls a special feature, they are not passive, but they have to act, be it defeating enemies as in Sailor Moon or Winx, or be it breasking a witches curse, as in DoReMi or collecting magical cards, like Sakura.
And the best is: They can remain girls doing this! They don’t have to become some kind of boy, or even dress like a boy. Even as a girl, wearing a cute dress, maybe even heels, you can kick ass!
Now what’s so wrong about that?
Also since usually these shows have very different characters. It’s not like they say „you have to be a dumb Blonde like Usagi to be happy“ but they show different characters, usually one more sportif and less girly in between (for example tecna in Winx or Haruka in Sailor m
Moon, hell they even say it’s Ok to be homosexual, how much more open can you get?)

So to all hard core feminist mothers: it is easy to spot the mistakes producers did, considering you point of view and surely there are some things that just shouldn’t be, but also try to see what some show and movies actually do right.
You can talk with you kids about the shows to strengthen their understanding on it and the depiction of women to prevent a band influence. 😉

What about Cadence and Queen Crysalis?

I know there is LOTS of talk going on about those too and I’m not even reading in any kind of forum. There is talk about whether Cadence makes any sence, being an alicorn and stuff and how dump the use of the changelings was (I LOVE changelings but they just ruined it…) and why and why not etc.
So no reason for you to read that up in my blog just getting another stupid opinion and this is NOT what this will be about

(though in short: it doesn’t work, Changelings should go into an open war especially if they feed on love! They should have done the same as the queen, the whole force shield also makes no sense since… well the queen managed to get it, why would she go in alone, if it was before the shield came up? MAKES NO SENSE!
This just as a side note ^^)

So let’s come to my initial topic I want to write about here: Doppelganger motif!
I did a lot of analysis on this topic in my studies (for „Supernatural’s“ „bloody Mary“ episode, for „Clueless“ for „Snow White“ movie adaptations“) so I really want to use the theory on Cadence and Chrysalis and see whether it works or not.


In literature and modern media the doppelganger is an often-used motif when the fight of a character with his self is portrayed. In her book „The Modern gothic and Literary Doubles“ Drydan calls the original person the “first self” and the double “second self”, for simplicity this paper will do it the same way.
Three things define the doppelganger. Usually the second self is a look-alike of the first self. Though in most cases the doppelganger can still be distinguished from
the first self, be it by looks, behaviour or the way they dress. This highlights the second aspect that defines the doppelganger: The personality. The second self incorporates the dark desires and wishes of the first self. This is also the part that makes the second self the monster. The dark side not only reflects the protagonist’s sense of otherness but of the culture the story originates in.
„Through his appearance, he brings to light the first self’s urge for something which is never c1early specified, which, however has been strong enough to inspire the First Self with a compensatory thirst for knowledge and power.“ (Drydan 2003 p. 29)
The first self has to fight the second self to truly become compatible with the society they live in. The third aspect that defines the doppelganger is the identity thread by invading the personal sphere of the first self. The doppelganger tries to steal the life of the first self which forces the them to find a new identity. As Drydan puts it:
„This inability of the First Self to get a firm grasp on his own identity will be seen to be a basic element of all the later double stories.“ (Drydan 2003 p. 33)
And this is what really defines the doppelganger, the role it has in the process of self-realization of the first self, fighting the dark desires and bad personality traits and
accepting that they are part of them.
„Identifiable as an allegorical agent, the Second Self is shown to as sume visible form exclusively in order to force the First Self to embark on the process of self-realization.“ (Drydan 2003 p. 49)
The doppelganger is the incorporation of the other and just as Faulstich explains the other can never be something totally unknown, but reflects a part of the self (Faulstich 96 S. 420). He explains the other as something that is immanent in the culture; something the culture or society is afraid of and thus has to cope with it. As the incorporation of the dark side the doppelganger is a primary example for the other inside.

Ok I know MLP is not a Horror story like „Jekyll and Hyde“ or „The picutre of Dorian grey“ but actually doppelganger can appear in other formats as well. For example in „Clueless“ (if you want the in depth thing on that post it in the comments and it will come ^^)
And clearly Chrysalis meets the aspects of a Doppelganger: She is a look-alike of Cadence, at least for the most time in the two episodes.
Also she is a threat to cadence, she does invade Cadences life and tries to steal it from her, even more important in the story she steels the love of the ’special somepony‘ from Cadence
Cadence has to fight Chrysalis. It can’t be anyone but her as we see Celesttia and even the magic of friendship fail. She has to do so to show she is worthy of being called a princess and that she indeed is an important part of society.
And lastly it’s a tool for identification and personal growth of the First Self, and yes we do see Cadence grow because of this. We can suspect that she never used such powers before (knowing she used to be a pegasus and all).

After seeing that indeed we have a doppelganger before us I want to stretch what makes a good analysis here a little difficult in contrast to the ones I deed before:
1. Cadence: We know too little about the Cadence before Chrysalis appears. It is hard to see what the identity problem used to be and what exactly the dark desired might have been, not seeing how Cadence used to be. Except for that little ‚best foal sitter evaaaar‘ scene and the infos we get from Twilight… I can just deduce from how Chrysalis behaves
2. Chrysalis: As little as we know about Cadence we know about Chrysalis. How did she meet Cadence? How did she take her place? That would be most interesting since usually in dppelganger stories the First self in one way or another summoned their second self (Jekyll took the position, Dorian wished for the picture to age in his stead, Sam calls Bloody Mary, The Queen uses the mirror,…).

So let’s take a look on what I do have.
Cadence and Chrysalis are, reduced to their core, two looks on love. Cadence is the warm and kind love that conquers everything as we know it from any Disney movie. Chrysalis on the other hand is an egoistic love. She just wants to use the people who love her, manipulating them to her hearts content.
When considering what a doppelganger represents: the dark wishes of the first self“ this gives a new look on Cadence. Has she actually thought about using the love others have for her to her advantage? Most certainly not to the extent Chrysalis does but maybe she had a fight with Shining Armor once and thought he should do as she said since he loves her.

We have a similar problem for the mane six, they are not the perfect embodiment of their elements and regularly have to overcome opposite feelings to what they represent. Apple Jack lies when she didn’t make first place, Pinky Pie stops laughing in „Party of One“, Rarity rather is awed upon by the Canterlot ponies than doing the dress for Twilight, etc.. So why shouldn’t Cadence have a trial like that too? Though it does destroy this perfect picture we have of Cadence it does make sense.
Before she can become the Princess of the Crystal Empire she needs to overcome any kind of selfishness, using her love purely for others and not her self.
Seeing how Chrysalis acts we actually can assume that Cadence used to always hide her true thought. When she didn’t like a dress she would smile and say it way beautiful and eat the stuff she actually doesn’t like. Her doppelganger (ok she does lie to apple Jack… which is kinda weird to me)does all this although she has no reason to. In the „Aria of the day“ she states how she doesn’t care about the dress and the ceremony. So why be so picky about it? It doesn’t make sense inside the story but if we assume that she is like this in her role of a doppelganger, showing the dark feelings of Cadence it does make sense.
Cadence is locked away by her other self. She probably was down there for a long time and had time to think about what Chrysalis would do, using her image.
Going with the doppelganger theory this would be the time span were she realizes her own faults in this matter and want to fight her alter Ego, Which she can’t until she is freed by Twilight. Than she comes in,ruining the wedding of her alter ego and battles her. Well and I already said my opinion on that at the beginning.

Love Spell

I know some of the stuff sounds like head cannon, like Cadence being selfish and using her love for manipulation and stuff and I don’t really have anything to prove it since I don’t have any information on what happened. Of course storyline speaking she could simply have been overpowered by Chrysalis being the nice, loving pony but
All Ponies, even princesses like Luna (not too sure yet about Celestia though) are shown to have flaws and being selfish and overpowered by that once in a while.

I wish they had shown Cadence before, making this aspect clearer. An episode where she an Shining Armor come to Ponyville to inform Twilight about the wedding for example. But we don’t have that… so I have to stick with assumptions.
Leave comments about your thoughts on this interpretation ^^

Oh and of course I will take a closer look at „too many Pinky Pies“ regarding doppelganger ^^ some time in the future ^^

Works cited:

Drydan, Linda. The Modern Gothic and Literary Doubles. Basingstoke: palgrave mac-millam, 2003

Faulstich, Werner: Zwischen Exotic, Heil und Horror, [Hrsg] Hess-Lüttich, Ernest W. B. Fremdverstehen in Sprache, Literatur und Medien, , Frankfurt am Main [u.a.], Lang, 1996

What is „My little Pony“

Ok before I do more analysis of contents and meaning here some basic analysis on what exactly MLP is, meaning what type of text.
This is not as easy as it may seem because there are tons of ways to define a text, looking at the medium, genre, mechanics, flow etc. So I’ll do that fo a change ^^

Ok the easy stuff first:
It’s a cartoon, TV Show. (duh)
Genre: obviously it’s Fantasy since it is set in an imaginary world. Now it is arguable if its High Fantasy or not depending on your definition on Highfantasy. Many would surly say it is, since we not only have Unicorns and Pegasi but also Dragons on a frequent basis as well as other mythological creatures.
I would say it’s not because the story is not about the fantasy elements. It uses them, yes but in a totally different way then, let’s say „Lord of the Rings“. It’s a mechanic used to make the show entertaining, but the plot evolves around everyday, normal things. Which is why I would say its main genre is rather „Slice of life“ than fantasy. It just happens to play in a fantasy world is the feeling of the show.

Narrator: Now it gets tricky, since it is a TV show it’s not as easy to define a Narrator as in a book. But still, let’s give it a try ^^
First of all it’s rather and most of the time personal narrator. The story focuses on one or two characters, we get to see their emotions and actions and stuff, but we interact with other characters only when they meet the character we focus on.
We see that greatly in „A party of one“ where we only get to know what Pinkie sees, we did not hear the others talk about a party whatsoever before hand.
This is true for most episodes, rarely the narrator switches between several persons.
In the second Episode of Season one is was done a little, also in the Discord arch, when the Ponies are separated in the maze we learn what happened to all of them, unlike Twilight who seems to have no clue (how comes she isn’t surprised about them looking so grey?… oh what evaaaaar)
But although the narrative focuses in the actions of one character we hardly get to look into their heads, meaning we have not ‚thinking voice‘ as we know it from other movies and series. Usually the ponies will then talk to themselves (great example for that would be „Lesson Zero“ where Twilight speaks out basically all her thoughts) but still I would argue it’s far from auctorial since there is so much we’ll never learn (for example about Celestia… or Pinkie Pie XD)

Dynamics. Now we get to the really interesting stuff.
I’m not sure what to argue for so I’ll see where this takes me XD
So I have two Ideas how the story works and maybe both is true.
So first I say this is a story of initiation.

What is a story of initiation?
Initiation describes basically how one person grows up/learns and in the end of this process rises to a new level. For example starting as a novice you learn, do you initiation ritual and become ne nun. In many tribes you men would go through a task, like hunting a specific animal, when they accomplished this task they were considered real men of the tribe.
This is an often used scheme especially in modern literature we see it more and more often. great examples are „Star Wars“ (4-6 at least), „Harry Potter“, „Narnia“ etc.
Some aspects this type of story holds is: 1. Leaving your home to learn
2. Having a teacher/master guiding your way
3. Character development through learning about yourself in a deeper level…
4. … by solving certain tasks (often dangerous ones)

So let’s take a look at MLP.
1. Twilight leaves Caterlot to learn about friendship (check)
2. She has Celestia (who loved at least for 1000 years) as a teacher. Celestia gives her several „tests“ to guide her along the way (check)
3. She has a great character development, from not understanding or even being interested in Friends to understanding the foundation of friendship, so far as to create new magic (check)
4. She developed this understanding through the everyday troubles she had with her friends, as well as enormous and dangerous tasks given to her by Celestia (basically all the two episode archs)

Most seems rather obvious I guess so why do I write it down? Because sooooo many bronies where simply SHOCKED by Allicorn Princess Twilight sparkle. I don’t get it. This is clearly a story of initiation, and like the novice will become a nun, Twilight (being the apprentice of the Princess) would have to become a Princess reaching the next level! I totally expected that from her, maybe not the Alicornthing since it seemed until Cadence that you had to be born an Alicorn but since there were Princes like Blue Blood it seemed likely. And latest after it came out that Cadence was not born Allicorn it was to be expected really.
Thing is, how will the story progress? Was this but one stage of her initiation process. Does she now have to grow even more to become a ‚real‘ princess? Well see I guess.

Oh yeah I said I had two theories at hand right? Ok the next one is the „Heroes Circle“
You should open that link to follow me here (sadly it was not a picture so I can’t place in here)
I will work with an example to explain things, most prominent is Odysseus but I know „The Hobbit“ better and it works just perfect!
So we start in the „normal World“ in this case at The Hill. There the hero-to-be gets a call – Gandalf comes along telling Bilbo about the adventure. The Hero first declines this call – as Bilbo clearly did. He oft (not always) get (or already has) a mentor – in this case this would be Gandalf.
Then follows the crossing to the „special world“ – The dwarfs show up, sing their songs etc. this amkes the Hobbit in the end wanting to participate. Leaving his home means going into this ’special world‘. In this special world the hero has to overcome tests and makes enemies as well as friends – Bilbo fights the trolls, the orcs, makes Gollum as an enemy, wins the dwarves as real friends. This usually goes up untill a „supreme Ordeal“ – Smaug the dragon i this case, which he has to overcome to then be rewarded. Then there is the road back into the „normal world“ – Bilbo comes home with bags full of gold. Mind though that the ‚returning back‘ aspect is often not inherent especially in more modern usages of this story

Ok now let us take a look at MLP.
The „normal world“ would be the surrounding twilight is used to, so her life in Canterlot, studying in the library there, without caring for friends. She then gets the call by discovering about Nightmare Moon. Twilight answers this call though… well you can also argue she gets a call by Celestia to go to Ponyvill which she tries to refuse because Nightmare Moon is more important to her.
Anyway, Ponyville is the ’special World‘. We see how irritated she is saying „All Ponies here are CRAZY“ in the first episode. Oh and of course we still have Celestia as a mentor!
Anyway then she has to find friends, which she does, has to overcome tests and problems, which she as well as her friends do (they are heroes too after all 😉 the „supreme Ordeal“ is, I would say the last Episode of season 3, the true understanding of Friendship and using this knowledge and magic she acquired. The reward then is her becoming an Allicorn and a princess.

Here again we see that all pointed towards her becoming at least princess…
Any way both things work and often they are found together (like in ‚the Hobbit‘, ‚Harry Potter‘, ‚Star Wars‘,…) ^^

I hope you guys found this still interesting, I will probably come back to this article time and again, so keep it in mind ^^

Why so many haters?

Another thing about MLP that is quiet fascinating is the hater szene it evoked. As many Bronies there as many haters or „neighsayers“ as bronies like to call them pop up, search actively for Bronies videos/art/blogs etc to express their hate for the how and especially for the adult, male audience it has.
Why is that?

Ok before I will come to my personal theory why this is let’s take a look at how bronies came into being. It is hard to track down but I will believe what the guys from „know your meme“ said. I won’t repeat all that, for those interested check it out, the video is not that long ^^
Ok so basically we see that bronies emerged from a Haters comment. Because someone insulted the show others stood up for it. Would MLP still have gotten such a wide audience without this? Maybe, maybe not. Many got intrigued to watch the show because of the mean and commotion about it, kinda like me who only started to watch it to get what all this fuss is about. Anyway we’ll never know, still as it stands, a haters comment stands at the beginning of the internet culture of bronydom.
So could bronies even exist without „Neighsayers“ or „haters“? To me it feels like the two sides work each other up. The more hate, the more fandom to justify your interest and to show off the haters, the more fandom and love for MLP the more hate. A vicious circle.
I do not say bronies would stop watching MLP if it wasn’t for haters! obviously they watch it because they like the show, but would it ever have been this much discussed, this big a hit without haters? Personally I doubt it.
This only as an interesting side note of mine 😉

Ok now to why are there „Neighsayers?“ or haters?

Yeah… that is one explanationj, people just need something to hate but I don’t think so.
Many bronies think it’s just stupid and really t is. This is just a TV show, everyone has a right to watch what they want and really it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is.
Bronies are changing gender roles. The „Idea channel“ mada a great video about how brony hood is changing our concepts of masculinity. I don’t see the point in repeating what others said before me, but I think it is also fairly obvious. Bronies watch a show whose target group is little girls. This does not fit into the concept of ‚masculinity‘ of the last decades.
At any point when such lines as gender roles or classes get blurred and redefined there is a huge group against this. just think about women rights, a scandal of the first woman to wear pants! If the internet had been around I bet there would have been a massive amount of hating.
Thing is, this is just human! We love our fixed and safe boundaries. Changes are scary because you don’t know what will come out of it. It’s always safer to have things stay the way they were. This is I believe a huge reason for much hating, like homophobes od racism. When your surrounding changes, and you are not part of the group doing the change, your personality feels threatened.
I did not do a survey and I have no empirical data for this but I believe Haters to be mostly males who identify strongly through they conception of masculinity. They have a fixed ideal on what a ‚man‘ has to be like, watching action show, and sports and, you know do all these ‚manly things‘. But bronies do not fit into their idea of masculine, it was ok as long as there were only minority groups like ‚ok there is one weirdo watching MLP, dum but, ok‘ but when it started to flood the internet it creeped them out. All they identified with was questioned.
This is by no means an active process, they don’t think about how they identify and such, it’s mostly unconscious, they feel irritated by the mere idea of men watching stuff made for little girls, it feels wrong to them and because of this, they have the feeling it is up to them,m the ‚real men‘ to fix this.
But believe me, this will all die away sooner or later, that is if it stays with MLP! We see how it goes with women rights, there are still haters out there, claiming women should stay at home doing chores and bear children. If grown up, heterosexual men keep doing ‚girls stuff‘ it will be more widely accepted through time (haters might realize their identity does not get threatened because of this movement, it just broadens possibilities for men to express themselves) and naturally a group of haters will remain.

Of course there are some people who just have fun being antagonists and like to tease the bronies because when ever there is a HATE comment there will be many answers to it… to avoid those simply:


(for those don’t getting it: Parasprites is another name for trolls/haters, they are fly like thingies.. the tripples of MLP)

This is just a theory, as I said I don’t have any concincing data to prove this, maybe if I wrote my masters thesis about it (ooohh that would be awesome!) I might get something but, yeah it’s really kinda hard ^^***
So what do you guys think? Could that be a possible reason? let me know in the comments ^^

Why is(n’t) Equestria a Utopia

Ok world of MLP here I come.
Dear readers and bronies, please keep in mind I’m rather new to the subject I do not know all comments to certains subjects Ibase my assumptions mainly on the TV series. I do not follow up comments by Faust and other writers nor do I know many head canons etc.
That said lets start with some theory! (don’t we love it all?)

Ok so Utopia, what’s that? Despite the popular interpretation it first of all means „not-space“ or a place that does not exists. If that was al lthere is to it I could stop here because, seriously we all know Equestria is no actual existing land.
So let’s rather stick to the popular meaning: A perfect society. It came up mainly due to the Thomas Morus novel „Utopia“ from 1516 where he describes an imaginary Island with a seemingly perfect society. Well untill we get to the part about punishment, wars and slavery that is …
Soon the term dystopia was established as the opposit to a utopia, we can see that in novels like George Orwells 1964.
Often a seemingly utopian society is shown to have flaws, usually visualized by showing what happens if you don’t stick to the rules ofthe society, like in „Brave New World“ or „a handmaids tale“.
Concesequences are often: banshiment, mindcontroll/brainwashing, death, torture or similar things.

So let’s take a look ad Equestria.
As I understand it one key element why bronies are so drawn towards the show is the believe that, if we stuck to the ‚rules‘ they set up, the moral code they establish in the show, then this would be utopia.
And truly enough the whole show gives various lessons on how to live togetheri n e possitive way, like respecting differences, to not be suspicious but trust oneanother etc.
But that’s like the basic serface level and soem bonies seem to already have looked a little deeper. but first let’s see what we have got:

Rules: We actually never get explicit rules, as in Laws. We don’t get to see any policemen (yeah there is this one Sherrif but he is rather there because of the steriotypical western theme and seems to be rather the head of the town) nor jails or courthouses. Sure we can’t know for sure, maybe it just wasn’t shown yet but so far I will assume they do not exist. Ponies are expected to follow the morals of their society and if they don’t you try talk to them and make them realize it was wrong and yay if it works but if not… what then?
We don’t have an awfull lot of examples to look at but lets start anyways.
Luna/nightmaremoon is the first ‚villain‘ we encounter. According to history Luna felst sad because she was not as loved as her sister. She wanted other ponioes to loe her night as much as the day, but they didn’t so she grew bitter and if I heard correctly got possesed by ‚Nightmare‘ creatures. Out of her desperation and rustration she makes the night eternal. Celestia then uses the elements of harmony to ban her to the moon.
Ok so we have a, untill that point kind and caring princess who feels mistreates and sad und unrecognized. The one pony who should be able to reach out to her, and at the same time the mightiest pony and bearer of the elements of harmony which possess the stringes magic cannot free her from the nightmare thingies or make her realize that she is loved dearly and talk to her? SERIOUSLY? Instead she banishes her to the moon, yeah great that will make her hates the ponies and Celestia less and people appreciated.
Common who of you thinks this is fair and even remotely utopian?
But thousand years later some totally unrelated ponies are able to reach out and bring Luna back? Or did theyx just brainwash her? We don’t actually know for sure do we?
Anyway we have a very harsh banishment here in a case of someone who just felt lnoely and tried to get some attention…

Next up is Discord. We learn from Celestia that he had rules Eqestria in a very bad and minuplative way undtill she and Luna defeated him -aka turning him into stone while he remains concsious without the possiblitiy to do anything- using the elements of harmony.
We only hear that from her and we all know winnes write history. We have NO idea what his reign was like! Surely you’ll say that looking on his foirst appearance he seems to have a mean character (his name sais it all, right?) so if his reign was like that it must have been terrible.
I counter argue that: he was turned into stone for a thousand year. We learn later that beeing turned into stone does not deprive him of his senses and his thinking, so he had nothing better to do then think, the whoooole time. Who wouldn’t come up with quiet something to return this suffering? He rightfully was angry and Celestia and the ponies who could blame him?
Looking at his characterization he is by no mean evil. He has a different set of morals, he is super powerfull, he loves it a little chaotic, playing pranks but he also likes to laugh and have fun. He does not kill once and all the chaos he does is actually ridiculus then evils, I mean cottoncandy clouds and chocolatemilk rain and soap streets are rather harmless considering what he probably could do if he wanted to.
Also later we learn he can care about trust and friendship!
So WHY weren’t the sister themselves able to befriend him? Why did he have to be turned to stone? Simply because he had a different set of morals? He didn’t believe in harmony, which is what Equestrias foundation is based on, everything from seasons to the three tribes etc. is based on harmony but that doesn’t make chaos and evil thing.
Also it strikes me as very weird, that Celestia only frees Discord when she feels she has use for his magic! If she knew it was possible to reform him (mind Twilight would even have used some kind of magic to do that and there seem to be tons of books about spells to change a ponies personalyty judging on all the paper he eats…) or let’s say ‚make friends with him‘ (refrom does sound an awfull lot like brainwashing, doesn’t it?) why wait so long? Why have him suffer like this longer then he needs to?

Ok nextis Chrysalis. She is the queen of the changelings who do look awfully similr to normal ponies, even in their natural form. Are they related in some way?
Anyway we learn that these creature live by consuming the love of others.
In other words they don’t do that because they wantto, or because they are so evil, they do so to survive! (Let’s disregard for a moment how she tells her minions to feet on the ponies who are all afraid instead of in love and all that and take her first statement about love as the true one)
So what do you do with this kind of creature that doesn’T really fit into this society?
Right, we kick her out, presumably to starve of to feat on some others creatures love.

Last but not least there is Kings Sombre. I really don’t have much to say for him. We learn from the other Crystal Ponies that he actually was evil and stuff, we have no clue why he turned out like this, neither does Celestia. she and her sister simply ban him or whatever… so instead of dealing withthe Problem itagain is simply the banshiment of a force that does not fit into their society.

So looking at that I would say Celestia and Luna are FAR from beeing the perfect rulers and thus Eqestria is far from beeing a Utopia.
I do not want to imply that it is a Dystopia either!!! I know there are tons of arguements why things went the way they went and maybe the sisters really had not other choices but it still kinda buged me.
But that also might be why Celestia needs Twilight so desperately to become a princess! Twilight was able to accomplish all Celestia was not able to, because of her friendships! Maybe Celestia just doesn’t know that much about Freindship either and thus failed so often, and so for a perfect utopian society she needs Twilight and her friends.

Anyway so far for my analysis on wether Eqestria is a utopian society ^^

Why „my little pony“

Ok, I admitt it after a hard struggle I watched the three seasons of MLP FiM and that after I first made fun of the whole brony movement and such. But I kept stumbeling across MLP, two ofmy best friends are brownies so I kinda felt, studyin cultrual studies I NEED to take a closer look into the series as well as this bizarr movement.
After watching 3 seasons and a movie I still canÄ’t queit see why grown up men would watch this and be huge fans… but well, so no I’m still not conerted to the bronydom. Still the series is queit nice, some episodes admittedly great and so I decided to talk a bit about my findings in the following posts ^^
Like about time in MLP and about it beeing a utopian society and stuff like that, so really rather from a studies point of view. so look forward to that ^^