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Why so many haters?

Another thing about MLP that is quiet fascinating is the hater szene it evoked. As many Bronies there as many haters or „neighsayers“ as bronies like to call them pop up, search actively for Bronies videos/art/blogs etc to express their hate for the how and especially for the adult, male audience it has.
Why is that?

Ok before I will come to my personal theory why this is let’s take a look at how bronies came into being. It is hard to track down but I will believe what the guys from „know your meme“ said. I won’t repeat all that, for those interested check it out, the video is not that long ^^
Ok so basically we see that bronies emerged from a Haters comment. Because someone insulted the show others stood up for it. Would MLP still have gotten such a wide audience without this? Maybe, maybe not. Many got intrigued to watch the show because of the mean and commotion about it, kinda like me who only started to watch it to get what all this fuss is about. Anyway we’ll never know, still as it stands, a haters comment stands at the beginning of the internet culture of bronydom.
So could bronies even exist without „Neighsayers“ or „haters“? To me it feels like the two sides work each other up. The more hate, the more fandom to justify your interest and to show off the haters, the more fandom and love for MLP the more hate. A vicious circle.
I do not say bronies would stop watching MLP if it wasn’t for haters! obviously they watch it because they like the show, but would it ever have been this much discussed, this big a hit without haters? Personally I doubt it.
This only as an interesting side note of mine 😉

Ok now to why are there „Neighsayers?“ or haters?

Yeah… that is one explanationj, people just need something to hate but I don’t think so.
Many bronies think it’s just stupid and really t is. This is just a TV show, everyone has a right to watch what they want and really it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is.
Bronies are changing gender roles. The „Idea channel“ mada a great video about how brony hood is changing our concepts of masculinity. I don’t see the point in repeating what others said before me, but I think it is also fairly obvious. Bronies watch a show whose target group is little girls. This does not fit into the concept of ‚masculinity‘ of the last decades.
At any point when such lines as gender roles or classes get blurred and redefined there is a huge group against this. just think about women rights, a scandal of the first woman to wear pants! If the internet had been around I bet there would have been a massive amount of hating.
Thing is, this is just human! We love our fixed and safe boundaries. Changes are scary because you don’t know what will come out of it. It’s always safer to have things stay the way they were. This is I believe a huge reason for much hating, like homophobes od racism. When your surrounding changes, and you are not part of the group doing the change, your personality feels threatened.
I did not do a survey and I have no empirical data for this but I believe Haters to be mostly males who identify strongly through they conception of masculinity. They have a fixed ideal on what a ‚man‘ has to be like, watching action show, and sports and, you know do all these ‚manly things‘. But bronies do not fit into their idea of masculine, it was ok as long as there were only minority groups like ‚ok there is one weirdo watching MLP, dum but, ok‘ but when it started to flood the internet it creeped them out. All they identified with was questioned.
This is by no means an active process, they don’t think about how they identify and such, it’s mostly unconscious, they feel irritated by the mere idea of men watching stuff made for little girls, it feels wrong to them and because of this, they have the feeling it is up to them,m the ‚real men‘ to fix this.
But believe me, this will all die away sooner or later, that is if it stays with MLP! We see how it goes with women rights, there are still haters out there, claiming women should stay at home doing chores and bear children. If grown up, heterosexual men keep doing ‚girls stuff‘ it will be more widely accepted through time (haters might realize their identity does not get threatened because of this movement, it just broadens possibilities for men to express themselves) and naturally a group of haters will remain.

Of course there are some people who just have fun being antagonists and like to tease the bronies because when ever there is a HATE comment there will be many answers to it… to avoid those simply:


(for those don’t getting it: Parasprites is another name for trolls/haters, they are fly like thingies.. the tripples of MLP)

This is just a theory, as I said I don’t have any concincing data to prove this, maybe if I wrote my masters thesis about it (ooohh that would be awesome!) I might get something but, yeah it’s really kinda hard ^^***
So what do you guys think? Could that be a possible reason? let me know in the comments ^^


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