Das Leben ist ein Rätsel

Ok world of MLP here I come.
Dear readers and bronies, please keep in mind I’m rather new to the subject I do not know all comments to certains subjects Ibase my assumptions mainly on the TV series. I do not follow up comments by Faust and other writers nor do I know many head canons etc.
That said lets start with some theory! (don’t we love it all?)

Ok so Utopia, what’s that? Despite the popular interpretation it first of all means „not-space“ or a place that does not exists. If that was al lthere is to it I could stop here because, seriously we all know Equestria is no actual existing land.
So let’s rather stick to the popular meaning: A perfect society. It came up mainly due to the Thomas Morus novel „Utopia“ from 1516 where he describes an imaginary Island with a seemingly perfect society. Well untill we get to the part about punishment, wars and slavery that is …
Soon the term dystopia was established as the opposit to a utopia, we can see that in novels like George Orwells 1964.
Often a seemingly utopian society is shown to have flaws, usually visualized by showing what happens if you don’t stick to the rules ofthe society, like in „Brave New World“ or „a handmaids tale“.
Concesequences are often: banshiment, mindcontroll/brainwashing, death, torture or similar things.

So let’s take a look ad Equestria.
As I understand it one key element why bronies are so drawn towards the show is the believe that, if we stuck to the ‚rules‘ they set up, the moral code they establish in the show, then this would be utopia.
And truly enough the whole show gives various lessons on how to live togetheri n e possitive way, like respecting differences, to not be suspicious but trust oneanother etc.
But that’s like the basic serface level and soem bonies seem to already have looked a little deeper. but first let’s see what we have got:

Rules: We actually never get explicit rules, as in Laws. We don’t get to see any policemen (yeah there is this one Sherrif but he is rather there because of the steriotypical western theme and seems to be rather the head of the town) nor jails or courthouses. Sure we can’t know for sure, maybe it just wasn’t shown yet but so far I will assume they do not exist. Ponies are expected to follow the morals of their society and if they don’t you try talk to them and make them realize it was wrong and yay if it works but if not… what then?
We don’t have an awfull lot of examples to look at but lets start anyways.
Luna/nightmaremoon is the first ‚villain‘ we encounter. According to history Luna felst sad because she was not as loved as her sister. She wanted other ponioes to loe her night as much as the day, but they didn’t so she grew bitter and if I heard correctly got possesed by ‚Nightmare‘ creatures. Out of her desperation and rustration she makes the night eternal. Celestia then uses the elements of harmony to ban her to the moon.
Ok so we have a, untill that point kind and caring princess who feels mistreates and sad und unrecognized. The one pony who should be able to reach out to her, and at the same time the mightiest pony and bearer of the elements of harmony which possess the stringes magic cannot free her from the nightmare thingies or make her realize that she is loved dearly and talk to her? SERIOUSLY? Instead she banishes her to the moon, yeah great that will make her hates the ponies and Celestia less and people appreciated.
Common who of you thinks this is fair and even remotely utopian?
But thousand years later some totally unrelated ponies are able to reach out and bring Luna back? Or did theyx just brainwash her? We don’t actually know for sure do we?
Anyway we have a very harsh banishment here in a case of someone who just felt lnoely and tried to get some attention…

Next up is Discord. We learn from Celestia that he had rules Eqestria in a very bad and minuplative way undtill she and Luna defeated him -aka turning him into stone while he remains concsious without the possiblitiy to do anything- using the elements of harmony.
We only hear that from her and we all know winnes write history. We have NO idea what his reign was like! Surely you’ll say that looking on his foirst appearance he seems to have a mean character (his name sais it all, right?) so if his reign was like that it must have been terrible.
I counter argue that: he was turned into stone for a thousand year. We learn later that beeing turned into stone does not deprive him of his senses and his thinking, so he had nothing better to do then think, the whoooole time. Who wouldn’t come up with quiet something to return this suffering? He rightfully was angry and Celestia and the ponies who could blame him?
Looking at his characterization he is by no mean evil. He has a different set of morals, he is super powerfull, he loves it a little chaotic, playing pranks but he also likes to laugh and have fun. He does not kill once and all the chaos he does is actually ridiculus then evils, I mean cottoncandy clouds and chocolatemilk rain and soap streets are rather harmless considering what he probably could do if he wanted to.
Also later we learn he can care about trust and friendship!
So WHY weren’t the sister themselves able to befriend him? Why did he have to be turned to stone? Simply because he had a different set of morals? He didn’t believe in harmony, which is what Equestrias foundation is based on, everything from seasons to the three tribes etc. is based on harmony but that doesn’t make chaos and evil thing.
Also it strikes me as very weird, that Celestia only frees Discord when she feels she has use for his magic! If she knew it was possible to reform him (mind Twilight would even have used some kind of magic to do that and there seem to be tons of books about spells to change a ponies personalyty judging on all the paper he eats…) or let’s say ‚make friends with him‘ (refrom does sound an awfull lot like brainwashing, doesn’t it?) why wait so long? Why have him suffer like this longer then he needs to?

Ok nextis Chrysalis. She is the queen of the changelings who do look awfully similr to normal ponies, even in their natural form. Are they related in some way?
Anyway we learn that these creature live by consuming the love of others.
In other words they don’t do that because they wantto, or because they are so evil, they do so to survive! (Let’s disregard for a moment how she tells her minions to feet on the ponies who are all afraid instead of in love and all that and take her first statement about love as the true one)
So what do you do with this kind of creature that doesn’T really fit into this society?
Right, we kick her out, presumably to starve of to feat on some others creatures love.

Last but not least there is Kings Sombre. I really don’t have much to say for him. We learn from the other Crystal Ponies that he actually was evil and stuff, we have no clue why he turned out like this, neither does Celestia. she and her sister simply ban him or whatever… so instead of dealing withthe Problem itagain is simply the banshiment of a force that does not fit into their society.

So looking at that I would say Celestia and Luna are FAR from beeing the perfect rulers and thus Eqestria is far from beeing a Utopia.
I do not want to imply that it is a Dystopia either!!! I know there are tons of arguements why things went the way they went and maybe the sisters really had not other choices but it still kinda buged me.
But that also might be why Celestia needs Twilight so desperately to become a princess! Twilight was able to accomplish all Celestia was not able to, because of her friendships! Maybe Celestia just doesn’t know that much about Freindship either and thus failed so often, and so for a perfect utopian society she needs Twilight and her friends.

Anyway so far for my analysis on wether Eqestria is a utopian society ^^


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