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Why „my little pony“

Ok, I admitt it after a hard struggle I watched the three seasons of MLP FiM and that after I first made fun of the whole brony movement and such. But I kept stumbeling across MLP, two ofmy best friends are brownies so I kinda felt, studyin cultrual studies I NEED to take a closer look into the series as well as this bizarr movement.
After watching 3 seasons and a movie I still canÄ’t queit see why grown up men would watch this and be huge fans… but well, so no I’m still not conerted to the bronydom. Still the series is queit nice, some episodes admittedly great and so I decided to talk a bit about my findings in the following posts ^^
Like about time in MLP and about it beeing a utopian society and stuff like that, so really rather from a studies point of view. so look forward to that ^^